Bhalobasha Off Route-E - New Bengali Full Feature Film, watch Online

'Chaandi Phata' is such a village where Jagan and Magan , two brothers wo are goons have terrorised the villagers.They loot, plunder and beat up people at will and no one dares to raise a voice against them because whoever does is severly punished. Two brothers Sandip and Siddharta are summoned to the village by their uncle to play a football match on behalf of the villagers and save the honour of the village.After reaching there they come across two sisters Rajani and Sinjini.Sandip falls in love with Ranjini and Siddharta with Sinjini.Sandip becomes a traitor in the eyes of the villagers because he deliberately doesn’t score the penalty as Rajani’s father had laid down a condition that he would only get him married to her if they lost the football match.

3 years pass and due to that incident, Sandip has an aversion towards girls.The same request comes again from his uncle and after much persuasion, he agrees to play after he manages to win the trust of the villagers.The match turns out to be a physical battle with Jagan and his team literally physically assaulting Sandip and his team members, but the referee turns a blind eye to everything.However Sandip does manage to score a goal in the end and prove everyone wrong.

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