Antarjali Jatra , New Bengali Full Movie, watch online

The times in which Antarjali Jatra, is set was one of great societal change, and re-awakening. The Bengal Renaissance of the 19th century challenged many customs and practices that had established themselves in Hindu Society through antiquity. Since the vast majority of Brahmins were illiterate, or even neo-literate, the Hindu scriptures were extremely vulnerable to misinterpretation and misrepresentation. It is in the 19th century that Sanskrit scholarship was secularized by the British rulers, who wanted to understand the ancient laws of the country they ruled. The Brahminical monopoly on the reading of ancient texts being broken, mainly by German and British Indologists, several distorted interpretations of Hindu laws came to be challenged, and specially the perverse rituals that these had perpetrated through the ages. Primary among them was Satidaha-the practice of burning Brahmin widows on the funeral pyres of their husbands or Suttee, as it came to be known to the Western world

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